My path to the bench.

When I was in high school I bought the book "The Art of the Fillmore: The Poster Series 1966-1971," a compilation of psychedelic rock poster art. I would look at that thing for hours upon hours, studying all the curves and colors that when placed just right would literally vibrate off the page. The poster artists in that book were my heroes and I wanted to be a rock poster artist myself.

After completing a classical training program in Fine Art as an undergraduate, I followed a career in graphic design, but the world of corporate advertising and computer work wasn't for me. Meanwhile, my own health challenges at the time were leading me to study energy healing, shamanism, and mysticism, but also... crystals. Lots and lots of crystals!

I remember feeling that crystals were SO magical as a kid (I still have the first ones I ever got, from a kids science museum), but after studying them and their healing properties, my appreciation took on a whole new level. Ultimately the decision of becoming a jeweler came from my need for something more physical and grounding than the world of energy healing could offer. And, with my background in the arts and love of stones, it just fell in place.

My love of the craft.

Using the torch and hammering feels so badass to me. Thinking about how the craft connects me to blacksmiths who forged swords in ancient times gets me really excited. So much power! Yet at the same time a lot of the tasks are super delicate, like setting the tiniest diamond, or filing 1/10th of a millimeter of metal off a prong. I get satisfaction from having both styles of techniques, it feels fitting to my personality. I tend to have an edgier style, and that's probably because I feel more delicate in nature. I appreciate the sense of safety jewelry gives me, it can be like wearing armor.

I also love making things beautiful (I'm a Libra moon and Taurus ascendent). There's something so spiritual about reaching to attain more balance.

Making jewelry allows me to combine my love of color, stones, psychedelia, ritual, spirituality, rock 'n roll, and nature. It's a way for me to have a little fun, and I hope that my pieces can be a source of joy for others <3

I currently live in the Beartooth Mountains just outside of Yellowstone National Park in the small town of Red Lodge, MT.